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Database: ACCESS
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Database: ACCESS or MSSQL database authorized domain name: authorized 1 domain name mobile version: free upgrade: within 1 year

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Database: ACCESS or MSSQL database Authorized domain name: Authorized 1 domain name Mobile version: Yes Secondary development: Support

Jiawang CRM helps enterprises solve customer management problems

  • Messy data?

    Jiawang CRM helps you to manage customer information with high efficiency and standardized records, multi-criteria search to find customers, one-click transfer of employee turnover

  • Customer information is out of sync?

    The salesperson has a copy of the customer information. The customer information cannot be synchronized and cannot work together. The customer can be shared with colleagues by one click through this system.

  • Weak customer viscosity?

    Jiawang CRM helps you to accurately analyze customer information, focus on maintenance of major customers, second sales promotion for old customers, and win channel terminals

  • Can't work at any time?

    Jiawang CRM supports real-time mobile office on PC, mobile phone and WeChat. Throw away Excel sheets and make customer management easier

  • No reminder for contract expiry?

    Jiawang CRM pays attention to the difference between product-type and service-type companies. The system prompts the expiring contract and promptly informs the customer to renew the contract.

Jiawang CRM, the power to connect everything

  • client

    Easy-to-use CRM, customer information service tracking, collaborative marketing tools

  • contract

    Important module of service company, record contract information

  • Order

    Manage customer orders and product lists online

  • After sale

    Various types of after-sales problems are classified and processed in a centralized manner, and the progress can be checked

  • Copy

    Documentary records, documentary reminders, clear transaction process at a glance

  • report

    Internal work report and work plan

  • Inside message

    Corporate instant messaging based on organizational structure, web, desktop, and mobile terminals are synchronized in time

  • mailbox

    Multi-mail accounts, centralized management of attachments, easy retrieval

  • Employee

    Each employee is assigned an account with multiple levels of permissions

  • Documentation

    Enterprise network disk, application documents, local file sharing, aggregate all corporate files

  • Invoicing

    Simple product management, alert when the number of products is insufficient

  • Resource Library

    Establish a public pool of potential customers and provide it to salespeople to apply

  • remind

    System document reminder, contract expiration reminder

  • Log

    Daily work trilogy, plan, process, result, reviewable

  • SMS

    Built-in applications, internal notifications, external contacts, support for corporate signatures

  • annex

    Supports uploading of customer-related attachments

Why choose Jiawang CRM?

  • Mature product

    In-depth understanding of ultra-high value products for enterprise customer management needs

  • Ultra low price

    New CRM product price model with ultra-low prices in the industry

  • Full self-service authorization

    Users bind their own domain names to activate faster and more efficiently

  • Excellent service

    7x12h service for business users