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Daily billing, first deduction , then deduction, signing the contract, no full refund on the account

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Keywords SEO optimization

Five years of experience with remarkable results

System quotation, deducted by day

Self-service background, report query

Computer-side SEO optimization

Preempt the search engine homepage position

Real-time lock search engine algorithm updates

Price strength exceeds seo peers

Mobile SEO optimization

Seize the mobile search engine homepage position

Real-time lock search engine algorithm updates

Price strength far exceeds peers

Self-service query, deduction by word, clear at a glance

Advantages of SEO optimization

Traditional enterprises get suitable promotion methods for potential customers

Potential customers of traditional enterprises mainly use search engines to find products, followed by B2B platforms. As long as users who find customer websites through search engines, they are all potential + accurate customer groups of traditional enterprises.

Efficient online promotion channels

Search engines bring customers with a clear need for the site. According to the data of website alliances, the conversion rate of traffic brought by SEO is as high as 60%.

Higher confidence in natural search results

There are paid ads at the top of the search results page. Users have distrust and rejection of paid advertising, and trust organic search results more.

Top ranked links have higher clicks

When searching, most Internet users only click on the first few websites on the search homepage. After three pages of search results, almost no one was interested.

Long-term website ranking

SEO optimization will stay in place for a long time once you go up, and you wo n’t be as worried about rankings as you do n’t have money.

Don't worry about invalid clicks

After the major search engines display, customers can click freely without worrying about malicious or invalid clicks. Calculated by day. Effectively control costs over 50%.

National regional display

Once the relevant promotion word is online, users across the country can search for it. Do n’t worry if the area is put in place, users in other areas will not be able to search for it, covering customers in all directions.


Suitable promotion methods for traditional enterprises, keywords are not restricted, and no click charges. Low cost investment to identify precise potential customers.

,你是否被坑过? Beware of the three pitfalls in the SEO industry. Have you ever been pitted?

Promise that there can be hundreds or even thousands of words on a website, and these words actually have no traffic at all, and are useless words generated by combination.

There are also some Internet companies recommending customers to build websites, and tens of thousands of packages to send customers a few words, and most of these words are regional long tail words without traffic and more difficult.

Oral promises that all words can be used, and then guides the customer to pre-charge, and finally the words are not up, and the money cannot be returned. [Jiawang Technology is effective in deducting payments, first doing rankings and then charging, and does not promise a full refund in one word]

Always remember that Baidu was not run by these small companies. Some stations came up the next day, and some stations remained motionless for a month. Why?

There is absolutely no uniform standard because of the difficulty, competition, and popularity of the words, and the foundation of the website.

Twelve steps to website optimization


Space speed measurement, national positioning, compressed website homepage, refined code-search engine time.


Modify 3 major html tags (including homepage, section, navigation, content page).


Modify the inner loop, add anchor text, and optimize the structure (1, Baidu tree structure optimization 2, site map assisted navigation 3, relevance recommendation).


Image attribute alt assignment, keyword density adjustment, reset the keyword structure of the website center, modify the website nofllow.


Modify the bottom navigation back to the chain and use the network query website to load in response.


Adding a "web link check" to the website can quickly check out the dead links on the web page.


Establish Baidu initiative submission, update industry, news articles, and Baidu automatic push.


Submit a Baidu complaint (to help index recovery as soon as possible) and reload the new snapshot.


Establish Baidu webmaster monitoring real-time observation website, recently collected, recent external links, Baidu index.


Self-developed simulation Baidu spider crawling software inspection (hanging horse, 404, dead links, etc.) while producing site maps.


Submit the modified sitemap to Baidu, rebuild the orthodox website system, and submit to the spider pond.


Add friendship connections, update in real time, and add magnitude reverse connections in time.

SEO cooperation process

Provide keywords and website domain names that need to be optimized
Signing a contract for payment
Provide website FTP (or server management permissions) as well as website management background and content
Optimization work started, estimated about 3 months
Rank to the homepage and start deduction

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