How much website space does an enterprise need to build a website?

查看人数: Release date: 2019-12-24
Now building a website is an indispensable thing for enterprises, but choosing a website space for building a website is a headache for everyone, because many companies do not know what configuration they should choose and how much space to choose. Buying too little space is not enough. Buying too much space is too wasteful. It is very important to choose a suitable space.

The amount of space required by different websites is different, which requires judging the type of website, its purpose, and the budgeted price.

1. Judging by website type

The type of website determines how much website space is required. Take Baidu, for example, the number of servers used by this website alone has reached tens of thousands. Note that it is a server, not a virtual host. But your business is just a simple corporate display website. To be honest, you can get 10M space without even using a database.

If your website needs to support the mall function, you must choose a virtual host or cloud host with a space of 1G or more. Because there is too much data on the website, the program file is too large, and the space is too small to be difficult to fit. It is recommended that you check online, virtual hosting is cheap, and cloud hosting is slightly more expensive.

2. Judging from the purpose of the website

Websites on the Internet are roughly divided into news stations, social stations, game stations, search stations, corporate stations, and so on. For enterprises, websites are roughly divided into display-type and mall-type, and whether or not a mobile site is launched. It is good to understand that the more uses a website uses and the more complex its functions, the more pages and space it will occupy. The larger the choice, the more features, of course, the higher the space stability and speed requirements, the more expensive the price.

Judging from the needs of the website Generally speaking, the company's emphasis on the website and the company's strength will also affect the choice of website space. The average enterprise needs are small, and it is enough to use a virtual host, but for a company with a relatively strong strength, it is the best choice to buy a VPS or directly configure its own server.

3. Judging by space price

The price of space is also one of the factors that determine the capacity of a company. The price is too high or too low. The high price is pure waste and the price is too low. The product is definitely junk. As long as your website needs can be met, it is good space. There is no need to put too much emphasis on price.

The above points are the basis for everyone to choose a space for building a website. You can choose according to the actual needs of your website. However, if you choose Jiawang Technology as your website construction service provider, you don't need to buy space yourself! Jiawang Technology will do the filing and space together for you.