Baidu released a thunder algorithm on the morning of November 20th! Where do website optimization go from here?

查看人数: Release date: 2017-11-22
Baidu officially released a thundering algorithm in the early morning of November 20, 2017. It can be said that many SEOERs were panicked.
The following is a screenshot of the thunder algorithm officially released by Baidu:
How do you say it? I feel that Baidu has long been aware of the ranking of brushes. Baidu has given a high weight to the ranking of clicks, so many people choose to take the shortcut of the black hat to optimize this road, which has also led to a lot of fast ranking The website, "seven days on the homepage", "quick rankings in three days", can be described as arrogant. Baidu estimates that it also invested a lot of manpower and material resources to determine whether this was clicked or swiped. This is also the most difficult to judge. Because many fast-moving systems are now simulated. There are stays, there are clicks inside pages. It can be said that one foot tall and one foot tall.
Baidu has successively sent out many algorithms this time, and Baidu is also very helpless. Ranking statistics must be done by machines after all. There must be many loopholes in this. Baidu is also the largest search engine traffic entrance. Driven by huge benefits, many people still spend a lot of time studying how to rank quickly. Including the previous Baidu Luluo algorithm, lightning algorithm, etc., published very frequently. This is also when people use this loophole to have further sanctions.
Back to the Lightning Algorithm, the biggest core question is, is the user's brush traffic ranking or is the opponent helping you? If you brush it yourself, you think you're out of luck, and you hit the muzzle yourself, no one can blame it. So what if the opponent helped you to suppress your ranking? How does this Baidu judge you brush it or someone else helped you brush it. It is impossible for a website to stare at your website for 365 days. If you accidentally get hit by K, you will suffer heavy losses.
网站建设公司我个人觉得你还是先每天在百度站长工具看下自己的流量,小心被对手恶意点击,造成不必要的损失! Therefore, as a website construction company, I personally think that you still first look at your traffic on Baidu Webmaster Tools every day, and be careful to be maliciously clicked by your opponent, causing unnecessary losses!