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  • Wechat marketing

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Easily build WeChat website

The WeChat public account or service number is used to connect with the mobile website to easily create the same WeChat website as the mobile website. The data is synchronized with the mobile website to easily realize WeChat marketing.

Why build a WeChat website?

The number of Chinese mobile phone netizens has exceeded 900 million, and WeChat is undoubtedly the mobile social platform NO.1 favored by users.
A quarter of WeChat users open WeChat more than 30 times per day on average
74% of WeChat users focus on corporate and media public accounts

Based on a large and active user group, WeChat has established a strong influence and ecological cohesion. It is not only a carrier of chat tools, but also a tool for entrepreneurs to promote marketing. Now, if any entrepreneur has not yet Understand what is WeChat, why do we need to build a WeChat website, how to use WeChat marketing?
Then it ’s a pity that you and your corporate brand are destined to be eliminated from this competitive WeChat marketing era

No WeChat Marketing on WeChat

WeChat website will provide your customers with full-process services from pre-sale to after-sale, so that the relationship between the enterprise and customers is closer

8 solutions to hit the pain points of the industry

Solve the deep needs of different industries and implement the mature solution of "Internet +" in multiple industries

The best marketing interactive features

Everyone has their own glorious moments, and each product has its own glorious moments, but all achievements belong to the past In this world of continuous innovation, Jiawang Technology and you write a new chapter

  • Quanmindian

    Quickly establish WeChat distribution channels

  • Reward polite

    The most powerful WeChat powder suction game in history

  • WeChat

    A mall built in WeChat

  • Super spike

    A new way to bid on WeChat

  • New voting

    Interacting with fans, most effective

  • Microcommunity

    "User and user", "user and platform" two-way communication mode

  • hotel reservation

    WeChat intelligent reservation system

  • National broker

    New customer channel

  • WeChat payment

    New WeChat payment channel

  • Micro invitation

    Widely spread business invitation letter based on WeChat

  • Microsite

    Hottest and most in WeChat interaction

  • Micro member

    The merchant can verify the membership card information by scanning with the original physical card and scanning with a gun.

  • Micro greeting card

    Use WeChat greeting cards in WeChat

  • Microgame

    Interactive marketing game

  • Micro album

    Exclusive beautiful dynamic album

  • Micro official website

    Make your microsite different

  • Micro takeaway

    WeChat version "Amoy Dot", simple operation and convenient management

  • Micro business card

    Create your unique micro business card